Thursday, May 15, 2008

Poetry and Creative Nonfiction Contests

The editors and staff at Third Coast are pleased to announce the winner for the 2008 Poetry Contest. Judge James Tate has selected:

"Performance" by Tyler Caroline Mills as the winner of this year's Poetry Contest. The finalists for the contest are listed below:

Jacob Boyd
Travis Cebula
Jennifer Chapis
Adam Day
Haines Eason
Gail Giewont
Jaimie Gusman
L.S. Klatt
Collier Nogues
Grant Osborn
Jonathan Rice
Susan Rich
Kerry Ruef
Kathleen Winter

For the 2008 Creative Nonfiction Contest, Judge Patricia Hampl has selected:

"How Not to Write a Personal Essay for Freshmen Composition” by Scott Wrobel as the winner of this year’s Creative Nonfiction Contest. The finalists are listed below:

Susan Chiavelli
Annie Dawid
Jennifer Ariadne Hawkins
Benjamin Axford Kamper
Ryan Van Meter
David Torrey Peters
Robert Rebein
Jim Ruland
Hugh Ryan

We thank all of the writers who submitted their work.

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