Wednesday, April 14, 2010

AWP Bookfair: Promotional Materials

If you've ever attended the AWP Conference Bookfair, you know that all tables, be they for journals, presses or writing programs, have fliers, postcards, bookmarks or other paper with their info on it.  Some even have pins or magnets.  Then there are the pen-giver-outers.  Next you have the candy tins or cookie trays.  The guy hocking his book of fire/arson/burning related poetry collection handed out customized matchbooks (which was great but I don't have any because I doubted the TSA was gonna be thrilled to have me bring them through security). 

Often you'll see a combination of several of the above.  But none of these people win my award for best at-table promotion.

One word: mimosas.

Early Saturday morning, right after I'd finished my giant coffee and still felt weak and sleep-deprived, someone offered me a mimosa at bookfair, and I was glad to take it. I bought her book of poetry, too.

Best. Promotion. Period.

Even if the guy that came after me thought it was just OJ and got a little upset to find the alcohol present.

I don't know if Third Coast will be going in for alcohol-related promotions at the next AWP bookfair, but our editors have absolutely no reservations about anyone else doing so -- just be sure to tell us when and where ahead of time.

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